What is self storage?

Self Storage centres have a selection of room sizes that you can hire from a locker up to the size of a tennis court or larger, short or long term. You bring your goods or possessions to the storage centre, lock them in the room and come and go as you please during opening hours. You are the only key holder. You can store almost anything unless it is perishable, live or flammable.

The best way to find out how Self Storage works at MySafestore is to drop into any of our storage centres. To find the most convenient storage centre you can use the location finder on this website. All our storage centres have a fully trained team who would be delighted to show you around and answer any queries and questions you might have. If it's not convenient to drop in please don't hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.

Who is MySafestore?

Lokabox self storage are being renamed MySafestore, and are now managed by one of the largest storage providers in Europe, the Safestore Group.

Our parent company, Safestore, is the UK’s largest and Europe’s second largest provider of self storage solutions. Our principal operations are located in the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands and now, including MySafestore, Belgium.

Our trained, professional and helpful staff and our 30 years’ experience in Self Storage will ensure that you receive the best service and value in the industry.

How does Self Storage at MySafestore work?

You can store your goods or possessions from as little as a month and for as long as you need after that. Storage rooms can be booked in advance to make sure the size you require is available on the day you need it. You can also easily switch to a smaller or larger room whilst in storage if you need to. Self storage at MySafestore is flexible, secure and hassle free, in fact it couldn’t be any easier, our one-stop-shop approach means our storage experts will deal with any problem you might have. All our people are trained to help and advise you to make sure you get the best service and value for money.

What kind of security is in MySafestore’s stores?

We take the security of your goods and possessions extremely seriously. To protect them all our centres have staffed receptions, sophisticated alarm systems and 24 hour surveillance cameras. Access to our storage centres is strictly controlled. Also, you are the only one with access to your room, which is locked with an insurance-approved padlock which can be purchased in store. 

Do I need my own padlock?

Yes, you need your own padlock to ensure that you are the sole key holder for your room and to ensure that your room is securely locked at all times. MySafestore stock full range of high security insurance-approved padlocks in all of our stores.

How much does it cost to store with MySafestore?

The price you pay is determined by the size of the room you need. That's why our commitment to you is that we will get you into the smallest space possible. As the rental charge is calculated according to the size of the storage room, the smaller room the less you end up paying.

Estimating the space you need isn’t as simple and straightforward as it looks. It depends on:

  • What you need to store
  • How stackable it is
  • How high the ceiling of the storage room is
  • Where the storage room is located in the storage centre, generally ground floor is more expensive
  • What sort of access you will need since you may want to leave a walkway through the storage room to get to your possessions.

We can advise you on how to stack your goods and possessions to make maximum use of the space.

In the meantime, if you would like to get a rough idea of how much space you might need, you can use the size estimator on our website.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is one month. After that you can store for as long as you want, there is no maximum rental period.

What is included in the price - are there any hidden extras?

You will need an insurance-approved padlock to secure your room and your goods will need to be insured whilst they are in storage. Please ask in store or over the phone for an insurance quote, this will depend on the value of your goods to be stored.

To book a room is absolutely free with no obligation to take up storage with us.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we normally offer a range of discounts including: 50% off for the first two months* and 20% off merchandise when you choose to store with us. However, the offers may change store by store, offers for stores can be found on the store location page of the website. Or you can call the storage centre to find out the best deal for you.

Do I pay weekly or monthly?

We'll invoice you on a monthly basis. However, after the first month there is no notice period and you are free to leave when you want.

How long can I stay?

You are welcome to stay as long as you require.

How quickly can I move in?

You can move in on the same day as you make your enquiry (during office opening hours) providing that you have the relevant documentation and a valid ID to complete and sign your contract.  

What do I need to open a contract?

You will need a valid ID and all customers must pay the first invoice and sign the contract prior to moving in. Please check with the store team.

What kind of payment methods are available?

Cash is accepted in store and largely encouraged as some Debit Card/Credit Cards are not accepted by the chip and pin machines.

Do I need insurance?

Your goods must be insured whilst in storage.

We always take good care of our stores and make every effort to protect items being stored with us. Unfortunately there are some events which may damage your goods which are out of our control, such as a fire or flood. It is therefore standard practice for self storage companies to require their customers to adequately insure their goods for the duration of their stay.

We recommend you take advantage of our StoreProtect Amendment when contracting with My Safestore. This means we accept liability for your goods whilst in storage (up to a pre-agreed value) – protecting your goods from situations like theft, loss or damage.

Please note: If you do not add StoreProtect to your contract, you must provide evidence that your goods are adequately covered by your own insurance policy.

Can I transfer to another room if I need more or less space?

You can easily move to another size room at any time, depending on your storage requirements and the availability of other room sizes in the store.

How often can I have access to my goods?

You can come and go between 6am and 10pm. This is possible because you are given a personal access code to access our facility. In addition, you also have your own key to open your storage unit. Outside these hours, our building is supervised by a security firm.

How do I get my goods to you?

You have to bring your belongings to the storage centre. All our centres have ample car parking and large loading/unloading areas.

How high are your storage rooms?

Depending upon the MySafestore store you choose the rooms range from 7 to 9 ft in height.

Do you have trolleys available?

All stores have trolleys and pallet trucks available free of charge for customers' use.

Do you offer storage for business?

Yes, we offer flexible contracts for short or long term Self Storage. We guarantee our business customers the best business rates available. Please contact the storage centre for details.

What if I have booked and my plans are delayed?

That is no problem just let us know about the changes and we will extend your booking.

Can I book online?

We have online booking available at selected storage centres. However, you can book a unit by calling your selected self storage centre directly.

Can I change the storage centre?

You can move to another one of our storage centres as you wish subject to availability. Remember you will be responsible for moving your own items from one centre to another.

What items cannot be stored?

We do not permit the storage of:

  • Hazardous goods, toxic materials
  • Pollutants, contaminants, waste
  • Perishable goods, live animals, living plants
  • Cash and securities, illegal goods
  • Explosives, firearms, ammunitions

We always cooperate with the Police and Customs.

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