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What is the difference between classic furniture storage and self-storage?

There are a lot of similarities and differences between self-storage and furniture storage. We will outline a few of the points below to help you to decide which solution would be best for your storage needs.

Furniture storage

Professional movers often manage classic furniture storage. Furniture storage is used when people require long-term storage and do not need regular access to their belongings (e.g., working abroad, traveling, or downsizing). 

Storage items are sealed securely in large ventilated boxes (wooden or metal) and stacked amongst hundreds of other containers in large-scale warehouses. Container storage can be a cost-effective solution; however, as your items are sealed and not easily accessible, this option may not be ideal if your plans change or you need regular access.

Self storage

The significant advantage of self-storage is the fact that you have greater flexibility. Self-storage allows you to manage the storage of your belongings yourself (transport, routing, handling, etc.). Items are stored in a secure storage unit inside a purpose-built storage facility. Moreover, access is free; you get a personal access code to visit your storage unit.


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Why do people use self storage?

In many situations, self-storage can make your life easier.

•    During a house move, if there is a gap between selling and moving into your new home.
•    Keep furniture safe and out of the way while decorating, deep-cleaning carpets, or renovating your home.
•    Minimise clutter and make your house appear more spacious while trying to sell your home.
•    Store excess furniture after downsizing until you decide what to do with it in the longer term.
•    Store items of furniture that do not fit into your current home but that you want to keep because they have a sentimental or monetary value.
•    If your house needs to be rented out (if you need to work abroad, for example) – you may wish to keep your furniture in storage to keep it clean and safe for when you return.

Why choose self storage?

Do you have a lot of furniture to store, or do you plan to store it for a more extended period? Then self-storage is much better than keeping them in a garage or a basement.

We are Industry Leaders in Self Storage
6 secure storage locations
6 secure storage locations
Convenient & secure storage centres in Brussels, Liège, Nivelles and Charleroi. Find your nearest here.
From €1 for your first month*
From €1 for your first month*
Get storage from just €1 for your first month * terms apply.
Excellent Customer Service
Excellent Customer Service
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Benefits of using MySafestore to store your furniture

As well as offering all types of storage for furniture, we are offering:

     1. Flexible storage:
Our storage units are all available to rent for any length of time, for as little or as long as you may need, and can be made available at short notice if you need storage in a hurry.

     2. Convenient locations:
We currently have six storage facilities in Belgium (Brussels, Liège, Nivelles, and Charleroi) – our handy Find a Store function will help you to locate your most convenient unit.

     3. Range of storage unit sizes:
You will find rooms of various sizes at each site to suit your needs. Our self-storage facilities have 24-hour video surveillance, a guarding service, and individual access codes.

     4. Insurance available:
Bespoke storage insurance is available. Personal and business customers can choose whether to purchase our insurance or arrange their own if needed.

     5. Accessible:
As a MySafestore customer, you will be the only keyholder for your unit and will have unlimited access to your storage unit from 6 am until 10 pm.

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Why choose MySafestore

We strive to make storing simple and easy, which is why we offer convenient storage solutions for every need, at a price you’ll love.

  • Individual access codes
  • Customer car park
  • Free to reserve a room
  • Free and unlimited access 7 days a week
  • State of the art purpose built facility
  • Pallet truck available on-site    
  • 5 star customer service 
  • Guarding service(G4S)
  • High ceiling rooms available
  • 24 hour video surveillance
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