Packing Tips for Moving

Make your packing much easier and protect your goods while they’re in storage by taking note of these packing tips:

  • Start by putting together a ‘Portable Packing Kit’, with a marker pen, parcel tape, labels and scissors
  • Make sure you have the right number of boxes to hand, in a variety of sizes
  • Use protective wrap on your delicate belongings – it’s the best way to stop scratches, dents or breakages
  • Stack plates on their sides and use acid-free tissue paper to wrap them individually
  • Drain freezers, washing machines and refrigerators 2 days before storage – store these items with the doors wedged open
  • Always pack bedding or clothes in boxes to prevent moisture damage from ‘sweating’ that can sometimes build up in plastic bags. You can put a ‘moisture absorber’ into your box, for greater peace of mind
  • Chair legs and furniture corners are easy to protect but expensive to repair – wrap them in corrugated card for best protection
  • Using a wardrobe box will help your clothes retain their shape
  • Clean all outside tools and equipment thoroughly before putting them into storage
  • Make sure you don’t pack away the essentials, like the loo roll, mugs, milk, tea, the coffee and the kettle!
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