We use a number of different cookies on our site.

A cookie is a small piece of information in the form of a text file placed on your computer hard drive by the websites that you visit. Cookies allow us to support your reason for visiting to the website and improve your user experience. For instance by remembering that you have visited before. They can also be used to make sure that the messages and/or advertising you see is relevant to you. For further information about ‘cookies’ please visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org

By using the Safestore website we will assume you agree that cookies can be set by us to improve your experience and enable you to obtain a storage quote at Safestore.co.uk. The cookies enable us to show you content and services that we believe you will be interested in.

If you are not happy, then you should either not use this site, or you should delete the cookies having visited the site. Due to our use of cookies for functions such as logging in, some aspects of our service may not work if you attempt to browse the site with cookies blocked. 

The cookies are used to store basic information, like your user identification. They do not store passwords or credit card information.

If you would like a storage price quote and would rather not continue to use this website, please call us and we can provide a quote over the phone.

The sections below describe the cookies we use on this site and what we use them for.
Necessary Cookies
These cookies have 4 important functions and without them the website may not function correctly:
1. Enables the optimal structure of the pages that are displayed to you.
2. Enables important website functions
3. Improve security with protection measures against cross-site forgery
4. Enables navigation around our website and allow you to return to pages and storage locations you have previously visited.

Many of these cookies are temporary and only last for the duration of the time you are browsing the website and are deleted when you leave.

Other cookies that persist on your device browser are there to store remembered aspects such as language, and selected locations for ease of use when you return to the website.

Necessary Cookies we use include:
Cookie name Creator Third Party Description Duration
CurrentContact Safestore   This cookie is essential to store a globally unique identifier (GUID) of each web visitor. 18250d
CMSCsrfCookie Safestore   Store's a security token that the system uses to validate all form data submitted via POST requests. Helps protect against Cross site request forgery. Session
ASP.NET_SessionId Safestore   This cookie is esential across all websites using Microsoft ASP.Net web applications to maintain anonymous user's session state between page views Session
CMSPreferredCulture Safestore   This cookie is essential to the Safestore web system to store the visitor's preferred content culture. 365d
cookiehub CookieHub Y This cookie is required to enable control of user's cookie preferences so that when a user returns the website will remember which cookies have been consented to 365d
search_initiator Safestore   This cookie is used to enable onsite search functionality, recalling user's previously searched terms to enhance usability and ease of navigation. 1d
QuoteData Safestore   This cookie is required to provide enquirers with the correct storage quote information which is a vital function of the website. 7d
CMSUserPage Safestore   This cookie stores the IDs (DocumentID, NodeID) of the last visited page and is used for logging landing and exit page web analytics and activities. 1h
CMSLandingPageLoaded Safestore   This cookie indicates that the landing page has already been visited and the landing page activity is not logged again for the current visitor. Expires after 20 minutes 20m
YSC YouTube Y This cookie is set by the YouTube video service on pages with YouTube embedded videos to track views. Session
VisitorStatus Safestore   This cookie indicates if the visitor is new or returning. Used for tracking the visitors statistic in Web analytics. 730d
Preference cookies
We use cookies to make accessing the website more convenient, so you don’t need to re-enter your personal details such as email address, phone number and post code when getting a storage quote or booking a storage unit. This information will allow us to welcome you by name, and over time to personalise our website content to reflect your preferences. For security reasons, you will still need to enter your password when accessing your online storage account. 

Cookies may remain on your device's browser for a period of time, or until you delete it.  If you choose to do this, you will need to enter your details each time you visit the site. It is possible for you to view our website without providing any personal information, but you will need to re-enter your details so we can process a quote or booking you make.

To easily remove these cookies after your visit please refer to our disabling cookies page.

Preference Cookies we use include:
Cookie name Creator Third Party Description Duration
recent_stores Safestore   This cookie remembers users' last viewed stores and helps ease of use. 365d
CONSENT Google Y This cookie is set by Google to store user consent preferences 6027d
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE YouTube Y This cookie is set by YouTube which measures your bandwidth to determine the capability to stream video from various YouTube video player interfaces. 180d
incompletedQuote Safestore   This cookie is used to show users a incompleted quote so the user can continue a previous quote rather than start from scratch. 7d
IncompletedQuoteBarClosed Safestore   This cookie is directly related to the Incompleted Quote cookie, however, this cookie stores the action chosen by a user to close or end the incompleted quote. This prevents the incompleted quote reminder from appearing and is user controlled. Session
__lc_cid  & __lc_cst LiveChatInc Y These cookies are set by LiveChatInc and they enable our chat function to be triggered to help users with queries. 730d
__lc2_cid  & __lc2_cst LiveChatInc Y These cookies are set by LiveChatInc and are used to distinguish anonymously different visitors using Live Chat at different times in order to improve our service. 730d
__oauth_redirect_detector LiveChatInc Y This is a LiveChat cookie used to optimise our chat service functionality. 1h
Analytics Cookies
These cookies are used to provide aggregated statistics on visitors to our websites and their browsing behaviour. This enables us to order the site to make customers’ journeys easier, and if necessary make improvements. The data is aggregated and anonymised, which means we cannot identify you as an individual. 
We use tools to carry out analytical functions on our site including Google Analytics and Hotjar.

Google's privacy policy can viewed using this link:
You can opt-out to the creation of a user profile, storing of data about your usage of our site on Safestore.co.uk and other websites by following this opt-out link.

Analytics Cookies we use include:
Cookie name Creator Third Party Description Duration
_ga Google Y This cookie contains a unique identifier used by Google Analytics to determine that two distinct hits belong to the same user across browsing sessions. 730d
_gid Google Y
  This cookie contains a unique identifier used by Google Analytics to determine that two distinct hits belong to the same user across browsing sessions.

Google Y This cookie  is used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate (limit the collection of data on high traffic sites) 1h

Google Y Contains campaign related information. If you have linked your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, Google Ads website conversion tags will read this cookie unless you opt-out. Learn more 90d

Google Y Google conversion linker tag on the site to allow us to link click and conversion data 90d

Google Y Universal Google Analytics tracking cookie 90d

Google Y GA4 cookie 365d

Affiliate Window Y AWIN affiliate network tracking cookie 365d
MUID Microsoft Y This cookie is a Microsoft User Identifier tracking cookie used by Bing Ads. It can be set by embedded Microsoft scripts, which sync across many different Microsoft domains, allowing user tracking. 390d
MR Microsoft Y This cookie is set by Microsoft MSN and is used to measure the use of the website for internal analytics. 7d
Marketing Cookies
These cookies are used to help us understand the performance of our marketing activity and improve the relevance of the adverts that you see. They collect information about browsing behaviour, for example which location or store pages you viewed which then allow us to serve you content relevant to your interests while browsing our own site or on other websites. ​

Should you wish you can disable cookies from within your web browser settings - please see Disabling Cookies for guidance.

Please note that disabling such cookies does not necessarily mean you will not see any advertising from Safestore Group, but any adverts you do see are much less likely to be relevant to your interests
Marketing Cookies we use include:
Cookie name Creator Third Party Description Duration
_gcl_au Google Y This cookie is used by Google AdSense to understand user interaction with the website by generating analytical data. 90d
_uetsid Microsoft Y This cookie is used by Microsoft Bing to determine what ads should be shown that may be relevant to the end user perusing the site. 1d
_uetvid Microsoft Y
  This cookie is used by Microsoft Advertising to store a unique, anonymized visitor ID to personalize marketing.

Facebook Y This cookie is used by Facebook to track visits across websites to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers. 90d
IDE Doubleclick Y This cookie is used by Google's DoubleClick to serve targeted advertisements that are relevant to users across the web. Targeted advertisements may be displayed to users based on previous visits to a website. These cookies measure the conversion rate of ads presented to the user. 390d
id Doubleclick Y This cookie is used by Doubleclick to track actions of users on safestore.co.uk who click on adverts served across the internet. 730d
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