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Self storage hints, tips and advice for packing, moving and storing your things for when it's time to move.

As experts, we're always on hand to give you advice about self storage and answer your queries.

Here are our top Hints & Tips to get you started...

  1. Ask for help

    Asking for a little help will save a lot of time – it could also save you money! As the self store experts, we can give friendly advice on how to make packing simple and reduce the amount of space you need.

  2. Label your boxes

    Each time you pack a box, label it clearly with a marker pen and indicate the contents on a side that’s easily visible when the box is stacked.

  3. Pack books separately

    Don’t forget that books and papers can be heavy: packing these in smaller containers will help prevent injury while lifting.

  4. Use sturdy packaging

    Sturdy packaging means you can stack your goods and minimise the amount of space you need.

  5. Fill boxes to capacity

    Boxes should be filled to capacity to prevent tipping, but weight may mean it’s better to have more smaller boxes than larger ones.

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