Storage Checklist

Before you move into a MijnSafestore centre there are a few things you’ll need to organise. Check you have the following in place:

  1. Protect your items

    Your goods must be protected whilst in storage. MijnSafestore can protect your items with our StoreProtect enhanced liability. You must declare the current as new replacement value of all property being stored, this means the cost to replace your items with a new equivalent and not the price you paid when you purchased the items. Please speak to one of our Team Members for more information.

  2. Direct Debit Payments

    You’ll need to complete the forms setting up a direct debit payment for your rental period.

  3. Credit/Debit Card or Cash

    Your initial rental payment and security deposit needs to be provided by credit card, debit card or cash.

  4. A Security Padlock

    You are the only key holder to your space at MijnSafestore, which is secured with a padlock. We have insurance approved padlocks available for purchase in store.

  5. Identification

    When you move goods in or out of MijnSafestore premises you’ll need to bring two forms of ID with you.

    1. Photographic ID (passport, driving licence (photocard and paper counterpart) or valid Student ID)

    2. Proof of residence in the form of a bank statement or utility bill less than 3 months old. (We don’t accept credit card statements or mobile phone bills as proof of residence.)

  6. An Emergency Contact Number

    We will need an alternative contact name and number, in case of emergency.

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