Where to get free cardboard boxes for moving

Where to get free cardboard boxes for moving
Between estate agent fees, legal fees and removal van hire, moving house is unquestionably expensive. There is at least one small way in which you can save a bit of cash, though — rather than hiring a full removals service (which includes boxes and packaging material) you could box everything up yourself into free cardboard boxes for moving day! But where can you get boxes for moving house..?

1. Embrace the power of social media

Surely someone on your social media accounts has recently moved house, or knows someone who has? Cardboard boxes take up a lot of room even when folded flat, and someone who’s recently moved will be only too glad to get them off their hands!

2. Head to Freecycle

If you don’t know anyone who’s moved recently, find a stranger who has via Freecycle. It’s worth checking that the boxes are in good enough condition — most cardboard boxes won’t manage more than a couple of house moves, so check how often they’ve been used before you arrange to collect your free cardboard boxes.

3. Ask your local supermarket for free cardboard boxes

Supermarket stock, especially fresh produce, is delivered to stores in cardboard boxes. Ask your local supermarket if they have any large cardboard boxes for you to use. If you take their boxes, they have less to dispose of, so it's win-win!

4. Check local discount shops

If you have a discount store near you call in and ask if they have any boxes. They sell in bulk and should have plenty of cardboard boxes for you to take.

5. Ask your local print shop

Printers have reams and reams of paper delivered, all packaged in large, strong cardboard boxes. Give your local shop a ring and ask if you can have some — it will reduce their waste disposal bill, too!

6. Ask your local school

Schools go through lots of paper, and lots of other stationery supplies; they also take delivery of large amounts of food and even furniture. Give them a ring and ask if they have any boxes you could use. 

7. Check out fast food restaurants 

They get stock delivered in large, strong boxes, so it’s well worth a trip to ask. It’s also a good excuse for getting a milkshake whilst you’re out.

8. Try your local recycling centre

This is where most cardboard boxes end up if they’re not re-used. Many are flattened down but can easily be returned to their original shape and strengthened with packaging tape. Just be careful to choose boxes that are clean and dry.

With a bit of searching, you should be able to source enough cardboard boxes for moving house, free of charge. If you’re in a hurry, though, or if you’re struggling to find anything locally, we sell boxes and other packaging materials at our self-storage facilities.
When you’re done with your boxes, remember to put them on Freecycle or on your social media to let others know that they’re available!

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