Using self storage when moving house

When you’re moving house it can feel like you have a million things to organise. You’ve probably already got lists of jobs to do and things to remember, and lists of what lists you have! When planning your house move, here are four ways in which a self storage unit could ease the stress.

1. Decluttering

As you start to organise your packing, you’ll probably realise just how much you own. Most removals companies charge by the number of belongings that need to be moved - so the more boxes you take with you, the more you’ll have to pay. You may have a lot of seasonal items, such as camping gear, sports equipment or bulky winter clothing, that you won’t need for a long time after you’ve moved into your new home. Those items could be easily stored in your self storage unit well in advance of moving day, and you can take them back out and store them safely in your new home when you’re settled and unpacked.

2. Dealing with moving delays

In an ideal world, you’ll hand over the keys to your existing house and take ownership of your new home on the same day. Sometimes that’s not possible, but rather than allowing a delay in your purchase to impact on your sale, you could store your contents temporarily in a self storage unit until your new home is available.

If there’s a last-minute change to your plans for moving day, you may have to rent somewhere temporarily, stay in a hotel or stay with friends or family. Wherever you stay, you really won’t want to have all your boxes with you - there just won’t be room! Again, self storage can offer a solution for the problem of where to store your belongings during a delay in moving house, and you can keep them in your unit for however much or little time you need.

Two issues that are fairly unique to moving house in the Netherlands (particularly in Amsterdam and Haarlem) is that the streets are so narrow, and the staircases are so tight. You may experience difficulties in gaining permits to block the street with your moving van, or you may find that you can’t get larger items into your home. The hook on the outside of your house might be an option, but your removals company needs to be adequately insured to use it and they may find that the hook is unsuitable due to age or lack of use. In those circumstances, you could store your larger items in a self storage unit until an external lift can be put in place.

3. Planning your new living space

A new home is a new start. You can move your essentials in - your beds, wardrobes, living room furniture etc - but you may want to take some time to properly plan your new living space. If you keep your excess belongings into a self storage unit, you can take your time to unpack and avoid cluttering up your new home with belongings that you may choose to give away or sell.

Similarly, if your new home needs renovations or redecorating, it will be much easier to carry out that work if you don’t have to work around all your furniture and belongings. You could unpack the basics and put the rest into a self storage unit until you’re ready to move in properly.

4. If you’re moving overseas

If you’re emigrating but plan to return home to the Netherlands eventually, you could keep your belongings in a self storage unit for however long you want to keep it. If you settle in your new country, it will be easy to arrange for the contents of your self storage unit to be transported to your new home. 

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