Using self storage when renovating

Renovating your home is a great investment as it will undoubtedly add value to your property, but it can be time-consuming, and create a lot of mess! Dust gets absolutely everywhere, and can spread through your entire house, affecting all of your soft furnishings - it can even find its way into your wardrobes!

There are two ways in which your furniture and furnishings can complicate your household renovations, and a self storage unit can provide a solution to both problems!

1. Furniture gets in the way

When preparing to renovate your home, you may have thought about moving furniture from the affected parts of your home into other rooms. This can create clutter and inconvenience, of course, and it doesn’t solve the problem that dust will still affect your soft furnishings.

It’s much easier to refurbish and redecorate your home when you don’t have to climb over or move furniture out of the way. Rent a self storage unit for a week or for however long it takes to complete your renovations, and make life a lot easier for yourself!

2. Furniture gets damaged

Dust is an issue, yes, and it can be annoying to have to wash cushion covers, sofa covers, clothing, curtains and so on. But splashes of paint and accidental breakages are more difficult to put right. All of these difficulties can be avoided if you place your belongings into a self storage unit before you begin.

Self storage for furniture and furnishings

You can store anything from large items such as beds, wardrobes, bookcases, and even carpets, to smaller items such as clothing, curtains, bedding and books. In your indoor self storage unit, they’ll be kept clean, safe and dry until you’re ready to take them out and return them to your newly-refurbished home.

If you’re buying new fixtures and fittings for a new kitchen or bathroom, these can be safely added to your storage unit - so take advantage of any special offers whilst they’re available in-store and store them until you or your builders are ready to fit them.

Flexibility when you need it most

Renovations don’t always run to schedule. Problems may arise or your builders may let you down - with MijnSafestore you can rent a self storage unit by the week, for a minimum of 2 weeks, and just extend your stay whenever you know you’ll need it for longer. There are no penalties or hidden fees, it’s easy to extend your stay with us. We offer up to 50% off for up to the first 2 months for new customers* (Terms apply) of your stay to help you keep your costs down.

We have units ranging in size from 1 m² to 46 m², and you can increase or decrease the size of your unit at any time. If the amount you need to store fluctuates (as it may well do during renovations), you can easily change units so that you don’t have to pay for space you no longer need but always have enough room for extra items.

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If you have any questions, or would like a quote (or advice on how much space you’ll need), call us or use our contact form and we’ll be happy to help. If you choose to reserve a unit, you can do this by phone or online at any time.

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