At MijnSafestore we take the security of our stores very seriously. We use a range of measures to ensure that your self storage unit is safe and secure.

Access control system

You will be the only person who can access your storage unit. You will be issued with an access pass or security code: this will let you through the entrance gate and into the building.

Security cameras

Each store has around 40 security cameras located on each floor and at every access point. The camera footage is recorded and saved daily.

Fire and burglary protection

All of our stores are fitted with smoke detectors linked to a fire alarm system. If the alarm goes off, our security service will respond to it immediately. Each store also has fire reels and extinguishers and complies with all the requirements set down by the fire brigade service.


For your added safety, we have intercoms in every loading area at each store. These can be used to contact our security team’s emergency centre.

All possible measures are taken to keep your belongings and goods safe in your self storage unit. However, you must have StoreProtect to cover the value of the contents of your unit in case something happens that is beyond our control. This is available at a low cost and is easy to arrange.

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