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50% off your storage for up to 8 weeks

If you are a new customer and take out a Flexible Contract with us you will receive a 50% discount on the standard storage cost of your storage for up to 8 weeks.  To receive the discount you will need to commit to stay for a minimum of 2 weeks. The 50% discount will be applied from day one.

10 worth of free boxes and packaging offer terms

  • 10.00 off boxes and packaging materials when you spend 20 or more.
  • 20 minimum purchase.
  • No commitment, no strings, absolutely free.
  • Voucher only redeemable against packaging material and boxes. Excludes padlocks.
  • Voucher only redeemable at originating store.
  • New customers only.
  • Only one voucher per household or business.
  • No need to store with us.

Licence Conditions

Rented, activity allocation

1.1  Lessor rents to Lessee and Lessee rents from the lessor a storage space known with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under number 34279557, hereafter named “the rented” located in the building from the lessor at : mijnSafestore Store Address
1.2  After signing the agreement and payment of the first lease term and down-payment, Lessee will get access to the storage space every day between
06.00 hour and 24.00 hour.
1.3  Lessee gets access to the following  storage space size m² and room number No.
1.4  The rented shall only be used for storage purposes. Lessee is not allowed to use the storage space for different purpose other than storage.
1.5  To get to the rented storage space, Lessee has access to the public space of the  Store Name store  by using the issued access code/pass  where individual storage’s have their own accessibility. The public space doesn’t count as rented by Lessee. Damages to the public space or the rented storage space caused by Lessee, or third parties who Lessee has given access to, will be charged to the Lessee.
1.6  Lessee indemnifies lessor for damage to goods, vehicles and personal injury, due to the use of elevators, sliding fences or access gates. The risk of using the public space is fully on account of the Lessee.


2.1  Within this agreement the part from “general terms and conditions M3 self-storage” are part of the agreement. Lessee gets a copy before signing. Which can be found below. The intention and the applicability is clear when contract is signed. Both Lessee and lessor get a signed copy of the agreement.
2.2  The general terms are applicable unless otherwise stated in the agreement.
2.3  Lessee agrees with the fact that personal information, such as name, address, document number of identification, birthdate and payment details are being processed by lessor in a way as described in the “PRIVACY BELEID M3 SELF-STORAGE”, which can be found on the url
www.m3selfstorage.nl/algemene-voorwaarden. Processing of this information is done in a way that is in compliance to the General data protection regulation (GDPR).

Duration, renewal and cancelation

3.1  This agreement has started on  Start Date until Until Date.
3.2  After the period mentioned in paragraph 3.1 the agreement will tacit renew itself with a period of 1 month in subject to cancelation.
3.3  Cancelation of this agreement has to be done  No. of days days in advance of the ending date of the rent period. Terminating the agreement is only possible when the storage space is empty and the lock has been removed. During the period in 3.1 termination is not possible. When Lessee pays rent in advance, lessor will never make restitutions on the rent paid in advance.
3.4  Cancelation needs to be done in writing, by the person who signed the agreement. The lock has to be removed from the storage space on the last day of the renting period. If this is not the case, the rent will be renewed with one month.
3.5   The parties expressly agree that the agreement will terminate, with mutual consent and by operation of law, if the tenant fails to meet his financial obligations during a period of three consecutive months. The company will warn the tenant of the termination one month prior to the termination date. At the termination date, the company shall be entitled to enter the storage unit and take possession of the stored goods as pledgee.
3.6   The tenant hereby grants the company a first right of pledge on all goods stored in the storage unit, as security of the tenant's payment obligations under this agreement. This pledge shall become effective the moment that the stored goods come under the physical control of the company, upon termination of this agreement pursuant to article 3.5. At such moment, the company shall be entitled to have the pledged goods sold, and the proceeds set-off against the tenant's outstanding amounts under this agreement. If the company, acting in good faith, determines that the expected proceeds of the sale of the pledged goods will be insufficient to cover the costs of storage and the sale of the goods, the company shall be authorised to have the goods destroyed, at the tenant's costs.


4.1  The price of the rented is  € Price per Month exclusive of Value Added Tax (''BTW') and needs to be paid in advance. Private individual lessees who do not act in the course of a profession or business are exempt from VAT.
4.2   Lessee gives hereby permission to the lessor to deduct the monthly payment automatically from his bank account in advance of 10 days before the start of the month from bank account number from Lessee.
4.3  The lessor is free to change the prices after 12 months, starting from start date of this rental agreement. Changes in price will be passed on 1 month in advance by writing.
4.4  Lessee agrees to pay a deposit in an amount equal to one month rent. Payment of such deposit shall be done before the starting date of the lease.


5.1  The Courts where the Storage Unit is established have jurisdiction to settle any disputes that may arise out of or in connection with this Agreement, without prejudice to the right of Mijn Safestore to bring suit at another Court which has jurisdiction under the applicable law.
5.2  This lease agreement and the relationship between lessor and lessee shall be governed by Dutch law.
General Terms and Conditions M3 self-storage BV

Paragraph 1

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions appertain to the rental agreement for M3 self-storage.

Paragraph 2

2.1  The rented unit is only to be used as storage space. Any other use is forbidden. The renter is only allowed to enter the storage facility and unit for placing or picking up goods.
2.2  The renter has access to the rented unit 7 days a week, for hours as described above. M3 self-storage is free to change opening hours. A change in opening hours does not automatically mean a change in monthly rental price.
2.3  The renter is not allowed to subrent part of the unit to a third party, unless this is stated in a written and signed agreement with M3 self-storage.
2.4 The renter is not allowed to:
  • Use or plug in any type of electrical or mechanical devices.
  • Use the rented unit as a workspace.
  • Attach anything to the walls of the rented unit.
  • Drill holes in the walls of the rented unit.
  • Suggest the unit is a living address.
  • Bring pets into the building. - Smoke inside the building.
2.4.1 The renter is not allowed to store:
  • food or perishable goods unless securely packed so that they are protected from and do not attract vermin - plants, birds, fish, animals or any other living creatures
  • combustible or flammable materials or liquids such as gas, paint, petrol, oil or cleaning solvents
  • firearms, explosives, weapons, ammunition or any components of these
  • chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos or other materials of a potentially dangerous nature or goods which are environmentally harmful or that are a risk to the property of any person
  • any item which emits any fumes, smell or odour
  • compressed gases
  • any illegal substances, illegal items or goods illegally obtained such as counterfeit goods,  illicit (counterfeit/smuggled) tobacco or alcohol and unlicensed or unsafe goods (such as toys, electrical goods, medicines, aerosols, cosmetics, fireworks)
  • items which are irreplaceable or of high value requiring specialist storage, such as currency, bullion, deeds, bonds, securities, antiques, fine wines and items of personal sentimental value
  • waste materials including any materials or goods for export deemed to be waste, such as used electrical equipment (unless tested and certified for re-use), used vehicles or used vehicle parts.
    1. Renter is expected to make use of the rented unit in such a way that it does not cause nuisance towards other renters.
    2. When renter has caused damage to the rented unit or the building itself renter will be charged with repair costs.
    3. Renter is responsible for disposing of trash. When the renter does not do so, costs for trash removal will be charged to the renter.
    4. Renter will follow any instructions and house rules given by M3 self-storage. Inside and outside the building.

Paragraph 3

3.1  The provided access code or keypass is only to be used by the renter or someone else authorised to make use of the unit. The code or keypass is never to be given to a third party. Renter is responsible for code, keypass and keys.
3.2  On arrival, renter always needs to use their access code or keypass at one of the access control keypads.
3.3 Renter is responsible for people they bring to the facility. Any damage caused by these people will be charged to the renter.
3.4  For transportation of goods within the building renter will use the available transport carts. Free of charge.
3.5  The emergency exits should only be used in case of an emergency. Costs for triggering the alarm due to wrongful use will be charged to the renter.
3.6  It is not allowed to follow another moving vehicle through the access gate, in case of damage costs will be charged to renter.
3.7  In case renter loses their keypass renter needs to notify M3 self-storage as soon as possible so appropriate measures can be taken.
3.8  It is not allowed to store more than 250 kg per m² on the floors.
3.9  Renter is not allowed to make any changes to or remove things from the building or the rented unit. This includes pipes and such.
3.10  Renter will leave the unit in the same state the unit was in when rented from M3 self-storage. Any costs for returning the unit to its original state will be charged to renter.
3.11  Any goods left in the unit or anywhere else in or outside the building after the rental period has ended are allowed to be removed by M3 self storage. Costs for removal can be charged to renter.

Paragraph 4

4.1  Renter agrees to insure the goods stored in the rented unit. Either by household insurance arranged by themselves or by StoreProtect Enhanced Liability provided by M3 self storage. Our total liability to you for theft, damage to, and deterioration of the Goods or any other loss shall be limited to the sum of 100 euros unless the Lessee has taken the StoreProtect Enhamced Liability, where those amended terms apply.
4.2  M3 self-storage cannot be held liable for any visible or non visible shortcomings in the rented unit.
4.3  M3 self-storage can only be held liable for up to 100 euros for any damage, whatever the cause, or loss of goods renter stored in the rented unit.
4.4  Renter indemnifies M3 self-storage from all liabilities for damage by third parties to goods stored in the rented unit or personal harm. If at renter’s request the goods are transported by M3 self-storage, renter indemnifies M3 self-storage from all liabilities for damage, theft or missing goods.
4.5  Transportation of renter’s belongings/goods from and to the rented unit are at renter’s own risk. M3 self-storage is not liable for any damage or loss of goods or persons during transport.
4.6  Renter agrees to accept that video recordings are made and kept within and outside the facility. Video recordings are made for security purposes.

Paragraph 5

5.1  M3 self-storage will keep the unit in good condition as far as the company is obligated by lawful terms. Renter has to immediately let M3 self-storage know about any needed repairs in writing.
5.2  Renter needs to take do everything in their power to prevent damage  to the property or goods belonging to third parties.
5.3  Renter is obligated to, in time and in writing, tell M3 self-storage about any threatening or already damaged parts of the rented unit or the property the rented unit is part of.
5.4  If M3 self-storage decides to investigate possible repairs needed, renter is obligated to give M3 self-storage or someone authorized by M3 self storage access to the rented unit as soon as possible without giving extra conditions.
5.5  If M3 self-storage believes repairs or other work needs to be done on the rented unit, renter is obligated to give access to the people who need it. Renter will allow the repairs or changes to be made, without asking for a discount or any compensation. Not only does this go for repairs, but also for any other changes or renovations.
5.6  M3 self-storage has the right to, at all times, gain access to the rented unit. M3 self-storage will provide access to the rented unit to police and the justice department, fire department and customs officers if they require so. When providing access, M3 self-storage will when possible notify the renter in advance. If this is not possible, M3 self-storage will notify the renter afterwards. M3 self-storage cannot be held liable for any damage caused by providing access to the police and the justice department, fire department and customs officers.
5.7  Renter will not make any changes to rented unit’s exterior or interior during the running time of the rental agreement.
5.8  In case of a calamity in the rented unit when the renter cannot be present in time, M3 self-storage has the right to cut open the lock and take the stored goods to safer ground.
5.9  M3 self-storage has the right to cancel the rental agreement one-sided, without reporting a reason.

Paragraph 6

6.1  When renter after notifications stays negligent in fulfilling their financial obligations originating from the rental agreement towards
        M3 self-storage, M3 self-storage has the right to deny the renter access to the building and the rented unit. Access will only be granted once all payment obligations are fulfilled.
6.2  When renter, after notifications, after 35 days stays negligent in fulfilling their financial obligations originating from the rental agreement towards M3 self-storage, M3 self-storage has the right to lay claim to reimbursement of damage, costs and interest.
6.3  In case renter has fallen behind in payments due, potential costs paid to a collection agency and auction costs will be fully charged to the renter.
6.4  In case renter has fallen behind in payments due for at least three months, M3 self-storage has the right to clear the unit and re-rent the unit to another party.

Paragraph 7

7.1  Renter needs to inform M3 self-storage, in writing, with any changes in address or bank account number.

Version: October 2020

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