Moving Checklist

There are loads of things to do when moving house, and the sheer amount you need to remember can be overwhelming. So we’ve put together a moving house checklist so you can see at a glance, who to notify and what needs to be done at different stages of your move.  Hopefully, this will help reduce the stress and help things go smoothly.

  1. Two months to go...


    Buy your boxes, packing and storage supplies

    Start sorting out your belongings. Get rid/donate things you don’t need 

    Begin packing unessential items

    Do you need kennels or a cattery for the move? Book it in advance 

    Think about putting items of excess furniture into storage until you’ve settled into your new home

  2. One month to go...


     If you’re moving a long way, get your car serviced and tyres checked well before the trip
     Register with local doctors and dentists if you are moving to a new area 

     Inform your local township of your change of address and cancel municipal tax payments 

     Inform your phone and internet providers of your change of address 

     Update the CBR and the motor vehicle tax

     Notify your bank of your change of address 

     Inform Tax office 

     Update your insurance providers, ensure you have home insurance sorted for the day you move in

     Confirm your moving arrangements with moving firms 

     Start putting items you don’t use every day into boxes and label them 

     Arrange for someone to look after the children and pets if possible

  3. Two weeks to go...


    Let people know about your change of address – friends, online shops, mail order, milk, newspapers and magazine subscriptions 

    Clean your house as you pack

    Organise your mail to be re-directed for at least three months

  4. One week to go...


    Confirm with notary and brokers that the move is going to plan ­

     Notify TV Provider of your new address ­

     Make sure your packing is coming to a close – double-check the loft and garage
     Ask your neighbours to make sure there is room outside your home for the removal van
     Empty and defrost/dry out your fridge/freezer
     Clear out your kitchen cupboards ­

     Work out the moving route
     Remind friends and family you’ll need a hand next week! ­

     Pack valuables and important documents in a safe place to take in the car with you

  5. The day before...


    Charge your mobile ­and other electronic devices

    Put everything practical you’ll need to one side in a clearly marked box: tape measure, extension lead, step ladder etc. ­

    Get a box of first night essentials together, our First Night Essentials Checklist lists everything you could possibly need! ­

     Collect your hire van, or confirm tomorrow’s schedule with your removal firm
     Move all your packed boxes into a downstairs room if needed ­

     Pack valuables and important documents in a safe place to take in the car with you

  6. Things to do on moving day...


    Record all utility meter readings for water, electricity and gas. Take a photo of the meters and let your providers know you are moving ­

    Strip the beds and curtains and pack into clearly marked bags
    Check the bathrooms for toiletries

  7. Loading the van...


    Instruct your movers on what is moving and what is not

    Check everywhere and do a final house clean ­
    Leave all the sets of keys as arranged for the new owners

    We wish you all the best with your upcoming move and if there is anything we can help you with at any stage of the move please do get in touch.

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