Is your home cluttered?

There’s a difference between clutter and untidiness. Clutter isn’t just items that need to be put away: it’s an accumulation of excess belongings that don’t really have a place in your home.

If you’re in the mood for decluttering your home, to make it look and feel more spacious and tidy, you have three main options: sell, give away or bin your excess belongings.

Yet you may have an attachment to those belongings, or feel that they’ll be useful one day. Getting rid of things can be tough, especially if there’s nothing actually wrong with them. Self storage allows you to declutter your home without having to get rid of your possessions.

Declutter with MijnSafestore

Items that clutter up your home tend to be things you don’t use regularly but that you still want or need to keep. We have storage units in a range of sizes, from lockers to large rooms, so you can store any amount of clutter in your unit and take it back out whenever you need it. For example:

You could store out-of-season clothing to free up space in your wardrobes;

Store your Christmas decorations in your unit to save space at home (it’s a lot easier to access your storage unit than it is to climb up to your loft…);

How often do you use your camping gear? Could you store it in self storage rather than in your garage, shed or cupboards?

Does your hobby take up space at home? Sports equipment and craft supplies take up space that could be used for things you use more frequently, and you can easily access what you need in your self storage unit.

Books take up a lot of room, but if you’re a reader you’ll probably be very reluctant to part with your favourites. These are ideal to place in your self storage unit; you could even fit your unit with shelves to accommodate them tidily and see your titles at a glance.

How MijnSafestore can help

Our units range in size from 1 m² to 46 m², so you can store however much you like. You can increase or decrease the size of your unit after your first week, to allow you to store more items or to keep your costs low if you decide to remove items. You can keep your unit for 2 weeks or for however many weeks you choose beyond that; new customers get up to 50%* off the cost of a self storage unit for the first 2 months (*Terms apply), which is plenty of time to let you decide whether to keep your unit for the longer term.

Get in touch

We have 6 storage facilities across Amsterdam and Haarlem, close to major rail and road networks. Use our store finder to find your most convenient store, and then call or book online. You can use our storage size calculator to help you to decide how much space you’ll need, or our friendly team are on hand by phone or online to offer personalised advice, with no pressure or obligation to buy.

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