How self storage can help when renting out your property

Renting out your property or a room in your home can provide a decent extra income. If you're considering renting to students, regular tenants or holidaymakers (through sites like Airbnb or wonder what to do about storage. 

You may have personal possessions such as clothing and books that you wouldn’t want your tenants to have access to. You may also need to clear some space so that your lodgers can put away their clothing and belongings during their stay. An affordable self storage unit might be the solution you're searching for. 

Self storage for AirBnB or hosts

Holidaymakers or people travelling on business are increasingly turning to sites like Airbnb and to find private accommodation to rent. The Netherlands is a perennially popular place to visit, for leisure or for work, and renting out rooms or entire homes is becoming more popular here. 

Top tip for hosts: keep personal items to a minimum

Guests want to stay somewhere that has everything they need - beds and bedding, wardrobe space, comfortable seating, cooking utensils and crockery. But they also want somewhere with plenty of room to store their own belongings, and they generally don’t like to see a lot of personal possessions dotted around the place. 

Items such as:
  • clothing, 
  • books, 
  • personal effects (such as toiletries),
  • knicknacks 
can make your property feel cluttered or look untidy, and may lead to negative reviews. 

You may also find that you don’t want those belongings (or more expensive items) to remain in your property whilst it’s being inhabited by strangers. 

Secure and economical

Consider boxing up your excess or personal belongings and placing them in secure self storage for the duration of your guests’ stay. You can rent a self storage unit for just a week or for as many weeks as you have lodgers; it costs just a few pounds a week and you could account for the cost when calculating how much to charge your guests.

Self storage for landlords

Whether you’re renting out a room in your home to a student during term time, or to long-term tenants, you may find that you need somewhere to store excess belongings. If your property will be rented out for a short time, you may be able to simply move excess contents from the rental room to elsewhere in your home, but that may become intolerable over a longer period. 

What could landlords put in a self storage unit?

You can use a self storage unit to store excess belongings that you might normally keep in your spare room - things like books, camping gear, sporting equipment, luggage and Christmas decorations. 

If you have documents in your home that you’d rather were not accessible to your tenants, these could be kept securely in archive storage with us.

You may rent out your home or a room with furniture in place, but if your tenant would rather bring their own furniture (or if you don’t want your furniture to be damaged) you could store beds, wardrobes, bedding and anything else that’s surplus to requirements in your unit.

Using self storage to make your guests feel at home

Remember that your guests or tenants don’t want an impersonal hotel: if they did, they’d choose a hotel! But nor do they want to feel as though they’re living in someone else’s personal space. Strike a balance through careful use of self storage to create a homely, comfortable atmosphere without clutter, whilst keeping your personal items safe and secure.


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